Let's celebrate EDJ together !

Let's celebrate EDJ together !

środa, 5 września 2012

Mind Map

Dear all, here is a mind map about European Day of Languages made on https://bubbl.us/. You can use it in your work with pupils. Enjoy the tool! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)

sobota, 25 sierpnia 2012

Best Friends

The video "Best Friends" is made on Windows Movie Maker. You can see children's drawings, paintings and posters in our study. Listen to the popular Portuguese song "Noivas de bilros". Special thanks to all of you! Enjoy it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)

wtorek, 31 lipca 2012

European Day of Laguages 2012

You can use http://www.text2mindmap.com/ for mind maps! Our suggestion is here:
Hope that you will like it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)

Spicynodes and Mindmapping

Dear friends, here is an innovative method for learning of languages. It's mindmapping. Our children can study successfully through branches and main words. Hope that you will like it! Kisses, Bulgarian Team :)